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During Coronavirus (Covid - 19)

The Isles of Scilly Children and Family Services have launched a new website and you can find further information about support services and organisations, employment, education, early years, activities and much more at


How to get in touch with the Council of the Isles of Scilly Children and Family Services and where to find useful information.

We want to let you know that we are here to support you in these challenging times, we are however working differently.  If you need support, have a question or want information please get in touch with one of the team.


Please download our handy guide here

How to contact us:

We are mostly working remotely, please do not visit our offices unless asked to.  We regularly check our emails including:


Holiday Activity Fund

The Department for Education is providing funding to Local Authorities to coordinate a programme that provides healthy food and enriching activities to children during the 2021 Easter, Summer and Christmas Holidays.   The grant is aimed primarily at children aged 5-16 who are eligible for free school meals. 

However, the programme is not limited to those people, and there are many families who may not be able to do as many things as they would like during holidays due to financial and or time pressures.

The aim for children taking part is for them to:

  • Eat more healthily

  • Be more active during school holidays

  • Take part in engaging and enriching activities to support resilience, character, wellbeing and to spend time with friends they may have been isolated from

  • Be safe and not socially isolated

  • Have a greater knowledge of health and nutrition

  • Be more engaged with school and outside activities.

On the Isles of Scilly, we will be pulling together a wider programme of options during the summer holidays.  

If you would like to access this programme please contact

Covid Vaccine Guidance pathway for those with a Learning Disability

Please download PDF for NHS Covid Vaccine pathway and document links

If assistance is needed, at any stage, please contact the Primary Care Liaison Nurse team for adults with a learning disability;

Healthy Start

If you're pregnant or have children under the age of 4 you may be eligible to get free vouchers or payments every 4 weeks to spend on:

  • cow’s milk

  • fresh, frozen or tinned fruit and vegetables

  • infant formula milk

  • fresh, dried, and tinned pulses

You can also get free Healthy Start vitamins.

Visit to find out more about the scheme and the eligibility criteria.

Healthy start image 3 (photo) - 02.2021.

Council of the Isles of Scilly in partnership with Charities - Hardship Fund

If you are struggling financially the hardship Fund may be able to help you. Contact at:

  • Matt Davis - 01720 424 454 / 07810 881 381

  • Rachel Guy - 01720 424 441/ 07925 360405

  • Jen Woodcock - 01720 424 483 / 07917 198 334

Council Tax Payment Assistance - Any customers having difficulties with council tax payment should call 0300 1234 105 (option 2) to discuss their account as there are a number of things the council can do to help. If your income has been reduced as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak you may be able to claim additional help through the Isles of Scilly Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

Test and Trace Support Payment

If you have tested positive for Covid-19 or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, you may be entitled to a Test and Trace Support Payment of £500.

This is for residents on lower incomes who cannot work from home and have lost income as a result. Self-isolation is a legal duty for all those who test positive for coronavirus or are identified by NHS Test and Trace as a close contact.

To find out more click here

Family Health Team

During this current Covid-19 lockdown period, beginning January 20210, the family health team have been advised to reduce face to face contacts, including home visits unless there is an urgent need to be seen.  All new births will continue to be seen and followed-up as required and one of the team will be available at the Children’s Services session on a Thursday from 11-12 each week (please see Children’s Services 0-25 facebook information re venue and booking).  They continue to be available by phone and can arrange video contact via Microsoft Teams.  The Health Visitor/School Nurse Advice Line is also available to all families. 

Health Visitor

The Health Visitor is available by Tel:  07483 351147 

School Nurse

The School Nurse is available by Tel:  07827 284105 10am 3pm Monday to Friday

Covid-19 Health Offer

During the restrictions of Covid 19, the Local Authority are working with the NHS Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to ensure that referrals and screening for children and young people continue to take place. Services are continuing to offer consultations by video or telephone wherever possible; but where necessary via face-to-face consultations. This is to ensure safety and minimise the spread of Covid-19. This may be subject to change if further lockdown measures occur. Please visit the Specialist Health Services area of the website for more information.

Useful contact details for Services:

Children’s NHS Speech and Language Therapy

Telephone: 01208 834488. 

NHS Children’s Community Therapy Services


Telephone: 01872 254  514

NHS Autism Diagnostic Assessments 


Telephone  01872 221 406


For parents of children who are waiting or considering an ASD Assessment the ASDAT team are running information sessions. These information sessions are open to anyone who feels it might be relevant for them, whether they are in a referral process or not. To see what the information sessions cover, how to book a place and times and dates click here.


If your child / young person was awaiting a referral from the School prior to the Covid-19 lockdown, please contact Rebecca Streeter, School SENDCO at  or call the School on 01720 424850.  

If you require any further information please email us on: 

Helpful Advice for Parents During the ongoing covid-19 pandemic 

Can be downloaded here

Easy Read Managing Anxiety at Home 

Can be downloaded here

A guide for Parents and Carers - how to stay safe online

Can be downloaded here

Dave the dog is worried about Coronavirus

It can be a scary time for children at the moment with big changes in routine and stories in the news.


Nurse dotty books aim to open up the conversation about coronavirus and provide truthful information in a reassuring and child friendly manner.


Visit Nurse Dotty website and download two free books.

Sleep Covid infographic

5 pieces of advice about sleeplessness and insomnia for all ages from Hunrosa, the Cornish sleep experts.  Whilst we are socially isolating and keeping ourselves safe, a good night's sleep will support our physical and mental health. Download this infographic Here

SCOPE Sleep Podcasts

SCOPE have put together a series of sleep right podcasts for disabled children and their families to help encourage a good night's sleep.

The podcasts cover:

  • The golden Hour

  • Relaxing Bedrooms

  • Sleepy Foods

  • Bedtime Activities

  • Bedtime Anxiety

  • Relaxation


To listen to the podcasts visit Sleep Right podcast | Disability charity Scope UK

Community Nurse Sleep Information

Sleep is a really essential part of our day. It is often overlooked until you don’t get enough!

Sleep routines, difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep, are they an early riser?

Sleep can pose difficulties at any age, from pre-schoolers to teenagers.

Child sleep problems cannot be viewed in isolation but always within the family context


I am a 0-19 Community Nurse, based on the Isles of Scilly. I work as part of the Health Visiting (0-5 years old) and School Nursing (5-19 years old) team and have completed a level 5 Paediatric Sleep Training for Professional’s course and would be happy to complete a sleep assessment with your family.


We would need to have a chat on the telephone and then I will give you a sleep assessment form to complete, in order to understand your problem and concerns.


We would then need to arrange a 1 hour appointment to discuss the best way forward.


Support with sleep is available to all families as part of the Health Visitor/ School Nurse offer.


We can discuss whether I can support your family with some basic interventions or whether you might require some more specialist support.


You can call Paula Wilkins: 07827 284 105 or the general Health Visitor/School Nurse Advice line: 01872 322779

Covid-19 Publications from the Department For Education

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance on vulnerable children and young people

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance on isolation for residential educational settings

Coronavirus (COVID 19): list of online education resources for home education

Government information to help children with SEND continue their education during Covid-19 can be found here.

Government information about extra support for vulnerable children during Covid-19 can be found here.

Council for Disabled Children New Email Inbox for Coronavirus Related Questions

The email inbox, provides parent/carers, families of children and young people with SEND, professionals and practitioners the opportunity to ask questions about how Coronavirus will impact on children and young people with SEND as well as other questions relating to the impact on families; the education, health, social care sectors; and the voluntary and community sector.

The Council for Disabled Children also has a COVID-19 Support and Guidance Resource webpage which you can find here.


For information on the Local Offer and how to get involved please see our

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