Health Timeline

The timelines were coproduced with input from professionals, organisations and representatives from the Isles of Scilly Parent Carer Forum and mark milestones along a child's journey from birth to adulthood and living independently.  It shows where professionals and organisation offer support to a child and their families both universal and more specialist intervention if needed.
There are 4 timelines covering the 4 areas of preparing for adulthood:
  • Health Timeline
  • Community Inclusion Timeline
  • Employment Timeline
  • Independent Living Timeline

Although developmental milestones, information and services is arranged in broad age ranges, it is important to remember each child develops at different rates and this layout is to give an indication only.  If you have any concerns about your child then please get in touch at  and we can signpost you to further help.
0 - 1 Years
Early Years SEND Support
Health, development and reviews (including weight/growth)
6 - 16 Years 
Healthy living choices
Children in Indoor Playground
Children in Indoor Playground
School Nurse Health Assessment
  • School Nurse Health Assessments in Reception, Year 6 and mind-teens, including questions on physical wellbeing and healthy eating.

Health Passport
Children in Indoor Playground
Children in Indoor Playground
Mental Health and Wellbeing
Children in Indoor Playground
Children in Indoor Playground
Medicine/Pain Management - Supervised/Supported
  • Managing health/pain - Own medication 

Drugs and Alcohol Education
Children in Indoor Playground
Children in Indoor Playground
Learning Disabilities Annual Health Checks for 14+
17 - 18 Years
Managing Health in Further Education (Especially if on the Mainland)
  • Responsible for registering with doctor/dentist and managing health appointments

  • Staying physically active and healthy live choices

  • Knowing when your ill and acting on it

  • Knowing safe relationships

  • Managing your own pain/medication


Transition to Adult Health Services 

  • The Health Support Services you are with should talk to you about transitioning to Adult Health Services​

Most Further Education Settings have their own nurse/health practitioner who can offer support. You can also contact the Isles of Scilly School Nurse for support

19 - 25 Years
Managing Health 
Grow Poster
  • Managing Appointments

  • Registering with a GP

  • Knowing your own health

 Health and Wellbeing
Grow Poster

If you have any health concerns or need support managing your health then please contact St Mary's Health Centre and/or Adult Social Care

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