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Local Health Services – GP, Dentist, Pharmacy


St Mary’s Health Centre offers a number of NHS health services

  • GPs

  • Health clinics

  • Pharmacy

  • Optician

  • Travel vaccinations

  • Some non-NHS services


The Health Centre also has regular Health Clinics, Community Mental Health Nurse and Drug & alcohol counsellor. The Isles of Scilly Family Health team, Health visitor and School nurse, have their office based at the Health Centre. There are GPs surgeries and clinics held on the off islands in the island Community halls.


St. Mary’s Health Centre  Tel:  01720 422628


Please use this number for out of hours, NHS 111 is also available

In the event of an emergency dial 999 and ask for the ambulance service


St. Mary’s Health Centre website:  





A Community Pharmacy is located at St. Mary’s Health Centre and offers a range of pharmacy services.


Tel:  01720 422021


St. Mary’s Health Centre

King Edwards Lane

St. Mary’s

Isles of Scilly 

TR21 0HE




Smile Together provide a Brighter dental service which is based at St. Mary’s Hospital.  This is a commissioned NHS dental service and can refer patients to specialist NHS dental services.  


Information for specialist dental services for example those with SEND:

NHS website:




Weekdays Tel:  0333 405 0291

The call centre is open from 8:30 am

Urgent and Emergency dental care:  0333 405 0290


Email:  website:

Contact details:


Further information 

Smile Together website:  

About Isles of Scilly practice:

Emergency dental care:

Facebook: Brighter Dental - Isles of Scilly

Local Health Services
Maternity Services


There is an on island Community Midwife who is supported by mainland colleagues.

When you first find out that you are pregnant, get in touch with your GP who will arrange an initial visit with a midwife.  Your midwife will help you plan your care before and after birth.

As part of your care plan, your midwife will talk to you about your options and preferences for giving birth.

Your midwife can make relevant referrals to other support services such as the WILD project for young parents and pregnancy support or perinatal mental health team as well as others. To find out more please discuss with your midwife at your appointments.



St. Mary’s Health Centre: 

Tel:  422628



There are GPs surgeries and clinics held on the off islands in the island Community halls.


Further information

For further information about maternity services.

Perinatal Mental Health:

The Dad Pad can be downloaded on google play and apple, links for these and other information for dads are available on the Support in Cornwall website:

NHS Start4Life has information on pregnancy, birth and parenthood:


Young Parents

The Wild Project is a Cornish based charity, their vision is for young parents and their children to be healthy, happy and safe, with better life chances and aspirations.

WILD works with young parents where one parent is under 20.  

You can also come to WILD if you or your partner and 23 or under, and have some extra needs. (eg if you or your child has a social worker, or if you have been in care, or if you or your partner or your children have a disability.

Young parents are welcome at WILD if you are pregnant, or have children living with you, or if you don’t live with your children, if you have a partner, or if you are a single parent.



Tel: 01209 210077


Maternity Services
Infant Feeding and Breastfeeding


Your midwife and health visitor are there to support you.  They offer feeding information and advice, if you have any breastfeeding worries or concerns please contact them.

Your midwife will support you in the early days.  The Isles of Scilly family health team offer antenatal and postnatal breastfeeding advice, whenever you need it.  

Infant Feeding and Breastfeeding peer support volunteers are also available online and via Facebook.


Isles of Scilly Family Health team,

Health Visitor Telephone: 07483 351147

School Nurse Tel:  07827 284105


Tel:  07557 604827 


Breast feeding peer support volunteers

Breastfeeding peer support volunteers provide friendly, non-judgemental support for parents in breastfeeding, giving human milk to their children and related matters. 

The support provided by volunteers is confidential and all peer supporters receive safeguarding training. Services they provide:​

  • 1-to-1 video peer support via Microsoft Teams

  • Online drop-in groups via Teams

  • Facebook messenger chat and Facebook parent groups


For more information about how to access their service visit:

Facebook group:


Tel: 01872 324261 ​

The NHS Start4Life


The Start4Life website has information for pregnancy, birth and parenthood.  Information and useful links on feeding your baby.  Bottle feeding, breastfeeding and mixed feeding:


Infant feeding services

Health Visitor




Health Visitors are qualified nurses who are public facing, supporting families with young children and are a part of the Isles of Scilly Family health team.  


Health Visitors work with a range of services and there are 4 parts to the Health Visiting service

  • Community - Health visitors work with a variety of community organisations running groups for parents and carers in your area to support you and your family. 

  • Universal Services (offered to every family) - Health visitors and their teams lead and deliver the Healthy Child Programme from pregnancy to starting school.  This promotes support to both parents through a series of scheduled child health reviews incorporating assessment of children’s health, development and wider well-being to ensure all children are reaching their full potential.

  • Universal Plus (further support for families) - Health visitors and their teams are able to provide a rapid response when additional support is required. This service assesses each child and family and refers them on to other appropriate services when specific expert help is needed, for example post-natal depression, speech and language therapy, child development, advice around parenting, weaning, or coping with a sleepless baby.

  • Universal Partnership Plus (for families who need additional support) - Health visitors and their teams work in partnership with parents and a range of local services over a period of time to provide intensive support with more complex health needs. This can include work with family hubs and other community services including the voluntary and community sectors to provide long term support in areas such as safeguarding and learning disabilities.

Health Visitors offer the following services

  • Antenatal

  • New births

  • Dad Pad

  • Safer sleeping information

  • 6-8 week development review

  • 3-4 month development review

  • 1 year development review

  • Dental Health Support from 2 years old

  • 2-2.5 year development review

  • Five to thrive

  • Help when new to the area

The Isles of Scilly Family Health team are available for one to one appointments and attend some early year’s island activities, as part the Council of the Isles of Scilly Early Years programme.  They have an office based at St. Mary’s Health Centre.  If the local team are not available, support is offered by the Cornwall Family Health Team, Locality 1. 


Information and advice on sleep is also offered, further information on sleep support


If you are new to the island and have a child under 5 years of age, when you register with a GP at St. Mary’s Health Centre, the Health Visitor will be informed and will arrange a home visit with you for a child health assessment.


If your child is over 5 years of age then you can contact the School Nurse.

If your child is aged over 2 years and has had a the two year old check and you have had no more contact with your health visiting team and would like further advice/assistance from a Health Visitor, please make a referral through the Early Help Hub website:


Isles of Scilly Family Health team 

Health Visitor Telephone: 07483 351147

School Nurse Telephone:  07827 284105

If you are unable to make contact with the Isles of Scilly team alternatively you can contact the service via:

Telephone:  01872  324261




Further information

Cornwall Council website:

Health Visitor
School Nurse


School Nurses provide confidential advice and health information to young people, their parents, carers and teachers.    You can see the School Nurse at School, a health care setting or another venue of your choice as drop-ins or one-one confidential appointments.

School Nurses have 3 main roles:

  • give confidential advice and care to young people and parents or carers 

  • support young people to look after their physical and emotional health 

  • direct young people to the right services.


School Nurses offer health assessments to all children when they start primary and secondary school, this is by negative consent.  You can ask for a health assessment for your child at any time and book an appointment. 


School Nurses also make referrals to other services your child may need including, hearing tests, speech and language therapy, continence services, child mental health services, dietitians.  This includes ophthalmology up to 7 years of age, from then you will need a referral from an optician.  


There is a drop in session for secondary pupils Tuesdays 1.30 to 2pm at Five Islands Academy.




Isles of Scilly Family Health Team, School Nurse and Health Visitor

Telephone: 07827 284105 for advice and a chat Monday to Friday 10am - 3pm

If you are unable to make contact with the Isles of Scilly team alternatively you can contact the service via:

Tel:  01872  324261



Further information

Five Islands Academy website   

Cornwall Council website:

Sleep support information from the School Nurse and Health Team

Support with sleep is available to all families as part of the Health Visitor/ School Nurse offer.  Please contact the School Nurse who will give you a sleep assessment form to complete and arrange a 1 hour appointment to discuss interventions with your family or specialist support.


School Nurse: 07827 284105 or if you are unable to make contact with the Isles of Scilly team alternatively you can contact the service via:

Tel:  01872  324261


School Nurse
Sleep information
Immunisation and Vaccination


Vaccines are routinely offered to everyone in the UK for free on the NHS, at the age at which you should ideally have them. St. Mary’s Health Centre provides this service and offer a range of routine immunisations and vaccinations, as well as travel vaccinations.

If you have any queries the best thing to do is to discuss this with the Practice nurse who specialises in this area.  GP’s, Pharmacist and Health Visitors can also
offer advice.


St. Mary’s Health Centre
King Edwards Lane
St. Mary’s
Isles of Scilly 
TR21 0HE
Tel:  01720 422628
There are GPs surgeries and clinics held on the off islands in the island Community halls.

For further information

NHS vaccinations tips for parents:

Vaccination schedule:

Immunisation and Vaccination
St. Mary’s Community Hospital


There is a Community hospital and Minor Injuries Unit, MIU on St Mary’s and this is run by Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundations Trust. 

St Mary's Community Hospital provides inpatient and outpatient clinics for people on the Isles of Scilly.

The Minor Injuries Unit, MIU, is open all day, every day.  The latest MIU opening and waiting times
are available on their website

A number of outpatient clinics are provided from the hospital.  Your appointment letter will provide you with information but if you have any queries, please call.


St. Mary’s Hospital
St. Mary’s
Isles of Scilly
TR21 0LE
Tel:  01720 422392

Further information

Cornwall CFT website:


St Mary's Community Hospital
Emotional health and Wellbeing



There are a number of places on the Isles of Scilly where children and young people can find support and advice about their emotional wellbeing and mental health.

It is a good idea to speak to someone you can trust such as a family member/carer, teacher or pastoral support worker, youth worker or GP if you are struggling.



St. Mary’s Health Centre Tel:  01720 422628

There are weekly off island clinics based at island community halls.

At School

All of the classroom staff receive regular training and can support children and young people with their emotional wellbeing and mental health.   Students and parents can approach anyone in school that they feel comfortable with for support and advice, but we recommend that parents contact their child’s class teacher or form tutor in the first instance.



School Nurses

The School nurses are also available and provide confidential advice and health information to young people, their parents, carers and teachers.    

The Isles of Scilly Family Health Team Tel:  07827 284105 


NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, CAMHS

Cornwall Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service, CAMHS, provide a service to children, young people and their families on the Isles of Scilly.


The CAMHS service is made up of: individual and family therapists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, specialist nurses, primary mental health workers, occupational therapists, learning disability specialists.

For children and young people living in the Isles of Scilly, you can be referred by your GP, social worker, health worker or school SENCO.  Referrals are looked at to decide whether CAMHS is the best service to support your needs.  Sometimes, at this stage, your referral will be passed on to a more suitable service.

Please refer to our CAMHS section for further information, including Learning Disability Nursing.


Cornwall CAMHS


Five Islands Academy


Primary Care Mental Health Nurse

A Mental Health Nurse holds regular clinics at St. Mary’s Health Centre, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Appointments can be made direct via the Health Centre by telephoning and booking an appointment or by a referral from your GP. 

St. Mary’s Health Centre Tel:  01720 422628

Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Further information and support

Organisations who can support children/young people and parents/carers:


There are some online NHS resources available to help support your mental wellbeing.  Including NHS Live Well website:    

Outlook Southwest

If you are 16 years or over you can access a range of talking therapies and groups through this service, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and stress and anger management.  You can refer yourself via the website:

NHS Every Mind Matters

There are simple things we can all do to look after our mental health and wellbeing

– take a quiz to get started and get a free plan, expert advice and practical tips. 

The website also has information about mental health and useful tips to support yourself

and others.


NHS Mental Health

Find information and support for your mental health

NHS Every Mind Matters image

NHS 24/7 Helpline


To talk to someone about your mental wellbeing you can call the 24/7 NHS mental health telephone support, advice and triage helpline   0800 038 5300

Support is available to anyone, regardless of age, all day every day.


If you or someone you know feels they need to access urgent mental health support, they will listen to you and asses how best to help.  Further information available on Cornwall Partnership NHS Partnership Trust website:

24/7 free to call Mental Health support.  Call 0800 038 5300  It's OK to not be OK, if you need help with your own or someone else's mental health, call us for help and support.
NHS mental health telephone service 0800 038 5300

A digital mental health support service for children and young people, with access to an online community of peers and a team of experienced counsellors, helpful articles and self-help activities. Free, safe, anonymous mental wellbeing support with no waiting lists and no thresholds. 

Sign up at the Kooth website:


Free, safe and anonymous mental health support for adults.  Whatever is gong on in your world, we're here to help.  Whether you need us now, or in the future.  Professional support, community support, self-help articles, wellbeing activities.

Qwell website:


Mind Your Way

Support for young people in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

Mind your way website:

Five ways to wellbeing gives tips on how to improve your emotional wellbeing.5 ways to wellbeing:

We Are With You (formerly AddAction)

We Are With You provide free and confidential support to people experiencing issues with drugs, alcohol or mental health. We work with people on their own goals, whether that’s staying safe and healthy, making small changes or stopping an unwanted habit altogether. We use our expertise to improve the help available and raise awareness around drugs, alcohol and mental health so that more people can get support.

We are With You website:

Tel:  01872 300816 

YZUP We Are With You (formerly AddAction)

Offers one to one support and sessions in school/ college to young people aged 11 – 18 years who are struggling with drug and alcohol use.

The YZUP We Are With Youn service provides a targeted and specialist outcome focused, recovery oriented, community alcohol and drug treatment system for young people on behalf of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Drug and Alcohol Action Team (CIOSDAAT) partnership. We provide high quality, effective and safe community based specialist substance misuse treatment services to children and young people primarily aged between 11 and 18 years of age and resident in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, who are experiencing substance related harm, and support that enables universal and targeted services for children and young people to respond to substance misuse issues.

Tel:  01872 300816  Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

YGAM (The Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust)

YGAM is a national charity with a social purpose to inform, educate, safeguard and build digital resilience amongst young and vulnerable people. Helping them to make informed decisions and understand the consequences around gambling and gaming.

If you are a professional working with young people aged 7-25, YGAM offer free training and educational

resources on gaming and gambling in the UK as well as help and advice. Find out more at

If you are a parent looking for information around problematic gaming and gambling in 7 to  25 year olds,

looking for support to build resilience and establish a health online/offline balance then visit their website


YGAM logo
YGAM parents logo

Young Minds

A range of support and information for young people and parents about young peoples’ mental health and a section on looking after yourself.

Young Minds website:

Look after yourself:   


Childline is a free private and confidential service where you can talk about anything, whatever your worry and whenever you need help, online and by phone. Tel:  0800 1111   website:


Prevention of young suicide charity, can support you if you are thinking about suicide or are concerned about a young person Hopeline: 0800 068 41 41 email:  website:   



The Samaritans are a listening service available 24hrs a day 365 days a year Tel: 116  123  free from any phone 

email: this takes 24hrs for a response but sometimes writing your feelings down can help you understand them better.


Man Down

Man down is a Cornish based group offering a safe space to meet the current emotional and mental health needs of men who are struggling to cope with the everyday pressures facing them in our modern society.  

Man Down Facebook page:


Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

First Light

First Light provides specialist support to victims – male and female, adult and child – of sexual violence and domestic abuse in Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly. 

Contact:  Safer futures Cornwall and Isles of Scilly – Domestic abuse & sexual violence service 

Helpline: 0300 777 4777
Professionals’ Enquiry Line: 01872 241 711
Non-secure email:
Secure email:

Devon, Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Independent Sexual Violence Advisory Service (ISVA)

Helpline: 03458 12 12 12
Non-secure email:
Secure email:

Website:   for children and young people

Further information about other services including SARC and housing please visit the Council of the Isles of Scilly website, Community Safety:


Intercom Trust

Intercom Trust is a lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans+ charity working across Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and the wider South West, providing:


  • Help and Support

  • Advocacy

  • Counselling

  • Training

  • Information

  • Support Groups

  • Online Directory

  • Community Surveys

  • Conferences

  • Consultancy

Visit their website for further information  

Helpline number: 0800 612 3010

Intercom Trust logo

Cornwall Bereavement Network is supporting Bereaved Families.  The website has resources, information and list of charities, organisations and services that offer support to those bereaved, from any cause and of any age.

Cornwall Bereavement Network website: 

Five Islands Academy has a useful directory of organisations to help with bereavement as well as a visual list of books explain bereavement to children. For further information visit the website:


Penhaligon's Friends

Support Bereaved Children, for information and advice on how to support a child when a death occurs visit their website:

link to Cornwall Bereavement Network

There are three advice lines as follows:

  • young people aged 11-19: 07312 263 096

  • parents / carers of children aged 0-5: 07312 263 423

  • parents / carers of children and young people aged 5-19: 07312 263 499


Users can send a message, anonymously if they wish, to Health Visiting and School Nursing to get confidential help and advice about a range of health concerns, including:

  • Sleep

  • Child development

  • Support with behaviour

  • Toileting

  • Feeding and nutrition

  • Keeping safe and healthy

  • Childhood illnesses and support with medical conditions at school

  • Emotional, mental health and wellbeing

  • Relationships

  • Smoking and vaping

  • Drugs and alcohol


The messaging service is available Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) from 9am to 5pm. When a message is sent to the numbers, an automated reply confirms the message has been received. A trained healthcare professional will reply to the message during office hours within 48 hours.

Alternatively users can can contact the service via:

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